Many debtors considering bankruptcy are terrified of the possible consequences of their bankruptcy case.  Many debtors fear that all of their friends and neighbors will find out about their bankruptcy or that they will lose their job because of their bankruptcy.  Well, the good news is that the bankruptcy laws forbid an employer from discriminating against current employees who have filed bankruptcy. Not only that, but a debtor who has filed for bankruptcy cannot be denied certain government privileges such as having a driving license just because they received a discharge of debts in bankruptcy.

However, the bankruptcy law does allow employers to run credit checks on potential new hires and depending on requirements of the job an employer may show some concern about a recent bankruptcy filing, although most companies do not.  If you are currently working for an employer, that employer is forbidden from taking actions against you because of your bankruptcy filing and you may have remedies under the law if an unscrupulous employer breaks the law by discriminating against you.  However, discrimination against those who have filed bankruptcy is rare because so many people are filing bankruptcy (including businesses) and for good reason. If you are looking for a new job and want to avoid any “controversy” regarding your bankruptcy, feel free to mention it before a possible credit check.

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