Bustle reports that actor Andrew Garfield claims bankruptcy was one of the best things that has ever happened to his family.

His roles in The Social Network and The Amazing Spiderman brought Garfield fame and success, but his family had not always been so financially fortunate. Garfield looks back on those finacial struggles and views them in a somewhat positive light because he and his family were fortunate enough to learn important life lessons came from those struggles.

When Garfield was about 12 years old, his father became bankrupt. Garfield claims it was the best thing to happen to their family because his father “…realized all the people he loved were still there… his wife, his kids, his friends, himself. He was brought to his knees and totally humbled, and then he started doing more of what he was called to do.”

His father then went on to do what he loved: he became a swimming coach at a local club in Surrey, England.

Seeing what his father went through taught Garfield a very valuable life lesson. “My main goal in this life is to cultivate and rub up against the people, the places, the projects, the practices — that’s alliteration there with the p’s — that make me feel most alive”. Seeing his father burdened financially and come out of it a happier person is what gave Garfield his drive to take up passion projects.

This passion he accumulated displays in his successful career. In his 15+ year long career, Garfield has obtained hundreds of nominations including two Academy Award Nominations and has won several awards including a Golden Globe award & Tony Award.

Garfield & his family are proof that some people just need a second chance.