According to an article at, many bankruptcy courts are straining under the rapidly increasing number of bankruptcy filings. Some government officials such as U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn of the Northern District of Texas are asking that more bankruptcy judgeships are approved to handle the increased workload.U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn of the Northern District of Texas said:
“Our judicial resources are strained, and the cost to society of an overburdened bankruptcy system, especially in this economic climate, is enormous.”
Bankruptcy filings have steadily increased since 2006 and in 2008 1.2 million bankruptcy petitions were filed, nearly double the number of bankruptcy petitions filed in 2006. And since March 2009, the national average of filings per authorized bankruptcy judgeship was nearly 60 percent higher than 2006. U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn and the Judicial Conference is requesting 13 new, permanent bankruptcy judgeships in 10 judicial districts; the conversion of 22 existing temporary bankruptcy judgeships to permanent in 15 judicial districts, and the extension of two existing temporary bankruptcy judgeships for five years.
Hopefully these bankruptcy judgeships will be approved because retaining the quality and efficiency of our bankruptcy courts is critical to ensuring that each American is given fair access to bankruptcy.