Students across the U.S. have accumulated so much student debt since the
2008 recession that it now poses a threat to our nation’s economic
growth. Americans laboring under the assumption that they could pay back
their loans after college are now finding that they have to put off important
life decisions like getting married, starting a family, or buying property
because of student loan debt that they cannot repay. This crushing debt
is weighing down millions of Americans who cannot afford to buy homes
or start businesses that would keep the nation’s economy moving
in a healthy direction.

Student loans have skyrocketed 76 percent since 2009 as college graduates
have struggled to find well-paying jobs after spending so much on ever-increasing
college tuition. Currently, student loan debt amounts to nearly $1.2 trillion.
Outstanding student loan debt accounted for far less than auto loans,
mortgages, and credit card debt prior to the Great Recession, but now
ranks behind only mortgage debt as the top source of consumer debt in America.

According to Experian, a leading credit reporting firm, nearly 40 million
people have one or more student loans. Last year, the average student
loan debt totaled $29,000. Delinquency rates for outstanding student loans
are on the rise even as rates decline for other types of consumer debt.
Currently, 11.5 percent of student loans are in default. The combination
of high tuition costs and the scarcity of well-paying jobs has made the
current higher-education system far from sustainable.

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