Entertainment Daily reports that Kerry Katona, the former Atomic Kitten member, is once again back on her feet after several years of financial struggles. After many years of financial hardships and going bankrupt several times, Katona impresses fans (and anyone struggling with finances) by announcing that she is yet again a homeowner!

From the article:

“Beaming from ear to ear in her snap, her caption includes:

‘Good morning you beautiful people!!! Well it’s official!! After losing EVERYTHING 13 years ago and having to rent I’ve finally bought me a house!! I want to share this news because many times over the years I literally felt suicidal! BUT I never gave up! If I can turn things around and get back on top ANYONE can. I’m not gonna lie credit where credit due I’m really proud of myself. DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!!!!!! Doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in you just as long as you believe in yourself!'”