According to an article in the Star-Telegram, Dallas-Fort Worth senior citizens are being targeted by a company claiming that they can help them pay less in property taxes. Many senior citizen homeowners have received very official looking papers in the mail with a Fort Worth P.O. Box asking that they send $55 for help reducing their property taxes. The article said:
“When Gilberto Perez received an official-looking letter regarding his property taxes, he suspected a scam. The 75-year-old retired military veteran knew that he had already filled out an application for his homestead and older-than-65 exemptions, yet a mysterious company with a Fort Worth P.O. box was suggesting that he was overpaying his taxes and needed its help to get the exemptions. “I’m aware of those people, so I called everyone I could including the Better Business Bureau,” said Perez, who initially sent the Tarrant Appraisal District a hand-written note accusing it of repeatedly sending him the same information. “The letters look real, like it is an official source, except there was no telephone number on the letter.” Perez was already granted the exemptions by the TAD; the application process is free. The letters he received promised to reduce his property taxes and maybe even help him get a refund, for a $55 fee.”
Older homeowners and those facing foreclosures are particularly vulnerable to this scam. Don’t be fooled by this company–Property Tax Assessor Records Corp. Yes, that’s their name, obviously designed to deceive. This company has already accumulated 21 complaints filed against it at the attorney general’s office. But many homeowners, hoping to save money on property taxes pay this company’s fee based on the following:
Inflated property tax exemption figures.
The letterhead of the tax scam company looks very official.
Unfortunately for those homeowners hoping to receive a property tax break, they only receive a tax form, which is otherwise free. If you have been a victim of this property tax scam, please contact your attorney general’s office.
Source: Star-Telegram