Stimulus money is finally being delivered to families in need across the country! You NEED to know the following before utilizing your funds when you are also filing for bankruptcy:

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Stimulus Funds?
Your creditors know you are receiving these funds. It is likely they will expedite collection actions that can get them access to YOUR MONEY as soon as possible.

Why You Shouldn’t Spend Your Stimulus Funds.
Your ability to file your bankruptcy case and discharge your debt may be negatively impacted if you spend your stimulus funds prior to filing your case. In addition, paying family or friends owed debts may delay your filing or cause issues with your bankruptcy trustee which can be avoided through a strategic planning session with Allmand law.

How Can You Protect Your Stimulus Funds?
Contact Us Today so that we can have a strategic planning session and ensure your case gets filed as soon as possible and your stimulus funds are protected.

How Much Will You Get?
If you’re eligible for a third stimulus check (not everyone qualifies for one), the “base amount” for your payment is $1,400. If you’re married and file a joint tax return, the base amount jumps to $2,800. Then, for each dependent in your family, the IRS will tack on an additional $1,400.

Haven’t received your stimulus funds yet?
Check your status with the IRS here:

Are you curious when you will receive your tax refund?
Check here for your Tax Refund Status: