Although COVID-19 turned most industries upside down, the housing market is doing better than ever. Prices are skyrocketing, you’ll rarely see vacant homes, and only a few homeowners have completely been foreclosed on. Even if foreclosure is coming your way, the national housing shortage gives you the opportunity to sell your home for more than it’s worth…and fast!

From the article:

“So if homeowners can’t make their mortgage payments, they can take another path, one far less painful than foreclosure: sell, often at a hefty profit….’Right now, we’re at very low housing inventory rates, just a record low,’ says Marina Walsh, vice president of industry analysis at the Mortgage Bankers Association. That means homes are selling quick, often for well over the asking price as buyers compete over them. ‘There’s just not enough housing out there for the demand, which is a big, big change from the Great Recession.'”