Once you decide that you retained a bankruptcy attorney and you’re going to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case in the near future, you cannot use your credit cards. And the reason is if you’d continue to use your credit cards and you have no intentions of paying them back that is bad faith. Every single credit card company does a check and reviews their files when someone files for bankruptcy. If you have a Visa card and 3 months before filing the bankruptcy case you exhaust the limit and you charged a 7000$ or 8000$ of purchases on there and turn around and file a bankruptcy case, you can guarantee that it’s going to draw some red flags by your Visa company and they’re going to send you a notification that they want you to pay that back or object to your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge. So it’s a good rule of thumb that if you do not intend to repay it, and you know that you’re gonna be filing bankruptcy don’t make the charge.