I Do Not Have My Paperwork for the Bring Back Appointment Completed. Can I Reschedule?


When you retain our office we give you a packet of information that we need you to fill out and bring back to you. It is a form you feel out with certain information so that we know about your property, some yes or no questions (to get a feel about your financial situation). As well we give you a list of documents that we you need to bring in with you. This is quite a bit to come up with, and we try to schedule that appointment where it will be convenient for you. Once you make that commitment to schedule that appointment, we ask that you show up, you bring the most documents that you have and filled out to the best of your ability. We are here to help, so we will help you fill out that form. Will complete the appointment. If we have enough information will schedule a follow where you will send in the missing documentation. You can fax those or drop those off to our offices. However you must attend that appointment in order for us to honor the low fees that we are quoting you up front. If you reschedule that takes up additional resources and time in our office, and we want to pass those savings on to you because we know that you are in a tough financial situation. If you have any more questions regarding bankruptcy, feel free to call Allmand Law Firm PLLC at 214-884-4020 or go to our website at –