Can I Reduce Trustee Payments After I Reduced My Income?


If your income has dropped since you have filed the case, what I will need to see is pay stubs, a cover letter stating what the differences are, and you will need to email those to my office at questions In most situations I am not able to change your bankruptcy plan payment. The reason is because you are probably already paying the minimum payment needed to catch you up on a house or pay for a car. In most cases the unsecured debts like medical bills or credit cards are not receiving any funds. So if you are still not going to b able to make that payment, you know that your wages are permanently reduced, you should come into our office and visit with us about long term solutions to your financial problem. If you have any more questions regarding bankruptcy, feel free to call Allmand Law Firm PLLC at 214-884-4020 or go to our website at –