My car creditor keeps calling me. Can I tell them we have retained an attorney to handle this matter or do I just need to let you guys handle them?


After you decided you are going to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case and your strategically waiting a few weeks to come up with the funds or the time the filing where it is going to be the most convenient for you, it is my advice not to tell your car creditor that you intend to file for bankruptcy. Under state law if your behind on your car note the creditor is within their rights to go and repossess your car at anytime. So that it why I tell you to just delay you never want to deceive, but put off the car creditor, proceed with the bankruptcy and allow us to notify them as soon as the bankruptcy case is on file. If you have any more questions regarding bankruptcy, feel free to call Allmand Law Firm PLLC at 214-884-4020 or go to our website at –