What if a Creditor is Calling Me After My Bankruptcy?


If you are still continuing to receive calls from your creditors, you need to contact our office. However when you file your bankruptcy case what we do is if it is a mortgage company or a car creditor who is very aggressive about taking back the collateral, we will call them and let them know that you filed for bankruptcy and give them the case number.

Everyone else receives a paper or electronic notification of bankruptcy. Within the first 2 or 3 weeks of your bankruptcy case being filed its going to take time for it to filter down to the correct departments. If it is not abusive and you feel like if it is in this time period that you can just wait, you can also give them the case number. However if you are continually being called and asked to pay on a debt.

This is a violation of federal law and you need to keep records of every single time who calls, what time they call, what they wanted, what they are calling about, and we are able to establish a pattern of abuse. We can sue the creditor and recover monetary damages.

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