Before you whip out your credit card or raid your checking account find out what you may be getting yourself into this Xmas season. Check out a few compelling documentaries about crushing debt, sneaky creditors and revealing news about how even regular checking accounts can give you a nasty bout of debtor’s blues this Xmas.
Maxed Out, a hilarious but informative documentary about how Americans are losing the credit battle. It explores the inner workings of our modern financial industry and explains the real reason why the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer.

In Debt We Trust, is another documentary that takes the viewer behind the scenes, exploring how the credit card industry is a multi-billion business fueled by the ongoing indebtedness of the poor and working-class in America.

Overdrawn, is an original documentary that throws light on a little talked about problem of overdrawn bank accounts. The film delves into how the banking industry makes millions of dollars by allowing regular checking/savings accounts customers overdraw their accounts with “overdraft protection” loans. This is one you will probably want to watch BEFORE you do your Xmas shopping.